The Blue Chip Vision Ecosystem of Technology,
Systems and Platforms

‘Your Passport to a Place In Line, for Anything, Anywhere’


Powering the innovative Blue Chip Opportunity Access Queue.

The Blue Chip, based on the Ethereum ERC20 Token Standard, is BCV Holdings’ first token offering. BCV Holdings’ Blue Chip Token and System is a revolutionary new way to obtain a place in line to access and separately transactionally acquire any type of offered opportunity. Together these utilize a blockchain-based ecosystem of technologies, systems and platforms. Those offering opportunities, such as items or services for sale, that download or otherwise access the Blue Chip OAQ Module will be able to configure and manage their own OAQ, allowing Blue Chip bidders to vie for access to their offered opportunity. Based on the blockchain, the entire Blue Chip bidding process and resulting OAQ will be verifiable and secure. From early round ICOs, to being among the lucky few able to acquire tickets to special limited screenings of a new blockbuster movie, or becoming the first of a handful to be able to purchase an exciting new production vehicle, the Blue Chip is truly, “Your passport to a place in line, for anything, anywhere.”

‘Resilient, Adaptive and Ready for Change’

A White Label Blockchain-agnostic Plug-and-Play Financial/Asset EMS Rizomic is Blue Chip Vision’s underlying and supporting technology platform. It is a blockchain-agnostic asset and transaction management system working across multiple existing blockchain protocols in a plug-and-play manner. Rizomic provides businesses and enterprise a versatile and easily adaptable multi-blockchain platform, optimizing cost, speed, reliability, security and ultimately confident sustainability.

Package your EMS modules and brand for your company’s ongoing business and consumer-facing operations.

‘Empowering the Broader Diversity
of Human Enterprise’


An Initial Coin Offering & Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Platform. The platform makes it easy for companies tocreate, launch, and promote their Initial Coin Offering, providing a powerful new, secure and liberating means to raise capital while providing transparency and assurance to all participants. Once campaigns are approved, they are posted to our platform, allowing participants to fund the venture with fiat or virtual currency in exchange for distributed tokens. Funding is held in a special purpose vehicle for the duration of the campaign, and distributed only if the funding goal is met within the specified timeframe. Compile your ICO campaign, sell your dream to the new digital economy and raise funds for your development and ongoing requirements.


‘Fractional Reserve That Works’


The Global Cryptocurrency Liquidity Pool

BASLx will utilize the entire cryptocurrency market cap as a decentralized globally accessible liquidity pool. BASLx, its co-creators (you, a cryptocurrency owner), and its game changing patented processes will provide a banking alternative for global corporations and enterprises, just as Bitcoin provided a banking alternative for individuals. The BASLx Module will soon be available for license to create global asset and services markets that can sit alongside the thriving global stock and equities markets.

BASLx is strategically designed throughout to strengthen, protect and rapidly enhance the entire cryptocurrency market, aimed at ensuring its security, growth, stability and longevity. The goal is to strengthen the diversity of cryptocurrencies that form it, whilst encouraging diligence, innovation, thoughtful design and improved economic models.

Cryptocurrency Holders from around the world will be able to optionally park their desired percentages of cryptocurrency in BASLx to contribute to and strengthen the new digital economy.

‘Digital Identity for the Real World’


Cellflock is a decentralized digital identity management architecture that humanizes digitial identity by allowing the user to construct and control what they are revealing about themselves. Its distinguishing feature is that it does not restrict users to a single, fixed, centralized identity, as is too often the case with current systems; rather, it supports the process through which users construct a suite of multiple identities that can simultaneously reflect the many roles we take on in everyday life.

As Blockchain technology extends its reach across all sectors of society, the decentralized nature of the Cellflock’s system architecture is particularly well suited to meet an emerging new set of user needs in the digital identity space. Unlike centralized approaches to digital identity where the data is managed by third party institutions, Cellflock reflects a utopian design approach, which allows users to populate, manage and delete their digital identities with the relevant data sets. This control is a two way process and allows users to also curate and control data that is pushed to their mobile device based on criteria of their choosing.