BCV Holdings’ BCV Blue Chip™ Token (BCVX) powers the Blue Chip Opportunity Access Queue™ (OAQ), a revolutionary new way to
obtain a place in line to access and separately transactionally acquire any type of offered opportunity.

The BCV Blue Chip Token and System brings any websites ecommerce experience into the 21st century without disrupting the traditional payments methods, we accomplish this via seemless integration of the opportunity access queuing system which increases your customer conversions intelligently and autonomously whilst enhancing the user experience

BCV Blue Chip (BCVX)

Your Passport to a Place in Line,
for Anything, Anywhere.

The BCV Blue Chip™, based on the Ethereum ERC20 Token Standard, is BCV Holdings’ first token offering.

BCV Holdings’ Blue Chip Token and Opportunity Access Queue (OAQ) System is a revolutionary new way to obtain a place in line to access and separately transactionally acquire any type of offered opportunity.

Those offering opportunities, such as items or services for sale, that download or otherwise access and license the Blue Chip OAQ Module will be able to configure and manage their own OAQ, allowing Blue Chip users to vie for access to their offered opportunity. Based on the blockchain, the entire Blue Chip queuing process and resulting OAQ will be verifiable and secure.

From discounts to upgrades, to being among the lucky few able to acquire tickets to special limited screenings of a new blockbuster movie, or becoming the first of a handful to be able to purchase an exciting new production vehicle, the Blue Chip is truly, “Your passport to a place in line, for anything, anywhere.”


Step 1 of 6

Company or entity, an “Opportunity Offerer,” wants to offer exclusive access to a group of people for their offered opportunity. To start, the company licenses and customizes their Opportunity Access Queue (OAQ) and proceeding OAQ, sets their service fee which will be a percentage of the exchange value of bid BCV Blue Chips.

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Once the company or entity has successfully configured their OAQ and OAQ Auction, it is made public, advertised throughout the Blue Chip Auction Network, and allows any holder of Blue Chips to bid on the offering.

Step 3 of 6

While the OAQ Auction is active, anyone bidding can view the bids of others and may continue to bid more Blue Chips in an effort to secure their place in the Opportunity Access Queue.

Step 4 of 6

Once the OAQ Auction ends, the total number of places in the Opportunity Access Queue, and their order, are determined by the number of Blue Chips bid by each bidder.

Step 5 of 6

Those who have secured their spot in the Opportunity Access Queue are then permitted to purchase the product or service offered by the company or entity. They do so in the order determined by most Blue Chips bid.

Step 6 of 6

Meanwhile and concurrently, unsuccessful lower bidders will have their bid Blue Chips returned to their wallets. The Blue Chips of bidders who have successfully become OAQ Members will be automatically sent to an exchange and sold for Ethereum ETH. The ETH proceeds will be divided percentage-wise between the bidders and the Opportunity Offerer according to the Auction’s Terms and Conditions.

The Blue Chip Token (based on the Ethereum ERC20 Contract Token Standard) is shown from its
creation in BCV Holdings’ Blue Chip holders usage on through its usage as token that can be bought and sold in exchange markets, as well as being used in and cycled through the Blue Chip OAQ Module.


The adjacent infographic shows in step-by-step detail the full flow and cycle of the Opportunity
Access Queue module. It begins with an “Opportunity Offerer” customer with an “offered
opportunity,” or something that they are going to sell and would like to create an ordered queue or
limited group access for. After using the Blue Chip OAQ Service site to configure an OAQ
Auction to create the queue, the Blue Chip bidding can begin. People who want to get into the
queue, or become “OAQ Members,” bid Blue Chips during this auction period. If the OAQ is
limited in number of available places, only the highest bidders become OAQ Members and the rest
have their Blue Chips returned. The Blue Chips of Bidders that successfully become OAQ
Members are automatically and autonomously routed to exchanges where they’re sold for Ethereum
ETH, which is then disbursed back in ranked order and according to proper ratios amongst successful
bidders. A percentage will also be disbursed to the Opportunity Offerer where it constitutes a service
fee or percentage. Successful bidders that become OAQ Members can then go on to purchase or
otherwise transactionally acquire the offered opportunity.


This diagram shows how the OAQ Module and OAQ Management Contract accept
incoming bid Blue Chips during the configured OAQ Period. When the
OAQ Period ends, the OAQ Manager authorizes the OAQ Management Contract to send all of its
contained bid Blue Chips to the Autonomous Exchange Management Mechanism (AEMM),
which then transfers them to an account wallet at a BCV-registered exchange, which the AEMM
alone securely and secretly holds the private key for. The AEMM then uses the exchange’s APIs to
issue a SELL Order for all of these Blue Chips. As these Blue Chips are exchanged for ETH in
one or more BUY transactions, the AEMM automatically and instantly transfers ETH coming back into
its controlled exchange account wallet and back to the OAQ Management Contract. The OAQ
Management Contract has the information on the OAQ Members, their bid Blue Chips, their
OAQ Ranking Order of priority, and their public addresses. This information allows the OAQ Module to subsequently disburse the ETH proceeds to respective OAQ Members in the
proper OAQ Ranking Order priority and proper proportional distribution from the total bid Blue
Chips. A percentage will also be disbursed to the Opportunity Offerer where it constitutes a
service fee or percentage.


The Structure of the Crypto Adoption Turbine (CAT) process and the Opportunity Access Queue
(OAQ) is a created group of individuals or participating entities that have early and/or otherwise
special or beneficial access to an Offered Opportunity, which is anything that is being offered for sale,
acquisition or otherwise transactionally obtainable. Optionally, OAQs may be divided into one or more
OAQ Groups, and OAQ Members may be given staged OAQ Participation “Green Light” starts,
according to their bid-based ranked order within the OAQ.

White Paper: The BCV Blue Chip Token and Opportunity Access Queue System
The Blue Chip Token enhances the experience of queuing cycles that occur when people commit to joining a line to acquire a given Offered Opportunity. The Blue Chip coupled with the Opportunity Access Queue (OAQ) Module and the Autonomous Exchange Management Mechanism (AEMM) supports the process through which anyone can configure the perfect queue for any occasion. In doing so, simultaneously providing incentive, efficiency, and a Blue Chip customer base as an additional revenue stream. These technologies and platforms together form the Crypto Adoption Turbine (CAT) process.
The CAT was purpose built for and harnesses the trustless and immutable properties of blockchain technology to support a distributed queuing system that is easily auditable, transparent and automated. The CAT can be applied in single step or multi step recirculatory autonomy process, to an infinite number of utility cases, across an infinite number of blockchain networks. It proposes a true economic value proposition for all participants in the CATs process, the longevity of the CAT Token and the adoption of the underlying cryptocurrency associated with any chosen blockchain that can facilitate the CATs positioning.