About Blue Chip Vision

Blue Chip Vision (BCV) is an deep technology company comprising cutting edge technologies and intellectual property. The assets have been brought together by design to be recession resilient and to enable flexibility in a rapidly changing business environment; thus, ensuring longevity, stability and enhanced shareholder returns. 

BCV technologies support the following industry sectors:

  • Mobile and Telecommunications
  • Smart Cities
  • Digital Health
  • Renewable Energy

BCV applies a dynamic approach to building a global company, coupling new technologies and strong ethics by providing a combination of funding and proactive involvement over the long term to solve real world problems.

Why Blue Chip Vision ?

Traditionally, the best ground floor investment opportunities were shared amongst a tight-knit group of venture capitalist and angel investors.      Blue Chip Vision provides this same access and this same opportunity to invest securely on autopilot in its safe and secure, recession resilient, validated portfolio.

BCV differs from asset management companies. BCV does NOT offer specific asset investment or specific industry investment advice or financial services of any kind. Rather than act as a middleman to opportunities via bonds and index offerings with excessive fees, BCV solely owns its intellectual property and/or licenses the rights to others via its strategic joint venture collaborations to maximize our shareholders returns. By offering the direct shareholding purchase into the BCV group of companies, BCV is able to remove fees and service charges while ensuring the investment is legal, compliant and governed by the corporations acts in each country of investment for the investors security and transactional simplicity.

The Global Asset Management Outlook

Asset managers with an approximate $74 Trillion in assets under management globally (measured by Boston Consulting Group) are on the brink of a historic shakeout where only the strongest will survive. Middleman services and financial tools are being made redundant due to the abundance of advanced technology integrations and a rapidly changing financial landscape combined with another inevitable global recession on our doorstep due to this middleman funds mismanagement and/or redundancy.

UHNW families are capitalizing on this technological shift by destroying the venture capital model and making it better. UHNW families are not only actively in pursuit to diversify their traditionally top heavy property portfolios into advanced technologies and other domains, they are also focused on working directly with companies and inventors themselves rather than via such asset management companies who typically pass on excessively high fees and services charges along with indexes and bonds price slippage to their institutional clients as well as the mom and pop investors. BCVs innovative and old school asset management model now offers you this new school opportunity in a box without the middleman or redundancy and its excessive fees.

Join the Safe and Secure Vision. Join the Blue Chip Vision.

Mobile & Telecommunications

Smart Cities

Digital Health

Renewable Energy