An Alternative Digital Future

About Blue Chip Vision

A Digital Ecosystem of Technology to Support

Blockchain Systems and Platforms.

BCV Holdings is a software company producing and licensing a digital ecosystem of blockchain-based technologies, systems and platforms. Together these provide more efficient, effective and secure financial services, content and transactional enterprise management services and new alternative supercharged marketplace capabilities. These systems and platforms have also been designed to integrate existing business models and compliance mechanisms with the powerful, secure and adaptive qualities of the new digital economy, providing customers with the highest levels of security and safety.

In this way Blue Chip Vision’s ecology provides businesses and individuals a secure, trustable and smooth path from where they are today to a more powerful, flexible and secure future of financial growth. Blue Chip Vision’s innovative blockchain-based ecology delivers these benefits to enterprise free from the costs, delays, limitations and other burdens of traditional asset and transactional management systems and transnational financial markets.

Software, Systems, Platforms and Hardware

The Blue Chip Vision technologies include systems, tokens and platforms designed to support the new emergent digital economy and the hardware that powers it. Rizomic, a system engine with the primary function of connecting real world assets to the blockchain. The Blue Chip token, which supports a bid for access to an offered opportunity. ICOmint, a platform that allows businesses and individuals to create their own legally compliant ICOs. BCV’s exclusive Energy Harvesting Device (EHD) sustainably powers mining. Cellflock, the decentralized digital identity management system that puts the user back in control of their personal data. BASLx, which revolutionises cryptocurrency investment by allowing the coins/tokens parked in digital wallets to be invested in real world development.

This coupling of blockchain-based currency with tangible investments such as manufacturing and services helps those outside of the bitcoin community to have confidence in investing and is a significant step forward in stabilizing and growing the cryptocurrency market. The Blue Chip Vision technologies provide a way forward that allows for a smooth transition to decentralized platforms while integrating and incorporating elements of pre-existing systems such as governance and legislation. This is what makes Blue Chip Vision’s blockchain-based digital ecosystem truly unique and powerful.